Robert Harris, Vietnam Veteran

While I serving my country, I was wounded a couple times, shrapnel which I’m still recovering from, Agent Orange, jungle rot that plagues my body now and causes a whole lot of problems for me to function as a normal person. But I’m thankful that I made it back and I pray for all the families that lost loved ones serving their country and I thank God for being here on this day. This is my statement: bless all military personnel and their families.

How can we beat swords into plowshares?

In making decisions to help maintain peace all over the world, we all have to be doing our share and let that be the last resort–is going to war which affects so many people and their families with a lasting effect that most military veterans cannot shake. And I’m one of those living now that–I never wanted any parts of being in the military, but I was drafted so I had no choice but to serve my country as they ordered me to do. But I found out that, from the effects of war, it lingers on and it never stops.

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