Jacquelyn Harris, Nurse

For the Military Men in Her Life

Plaque Quote: I saw the men, my father and his friends, come home from war different. These military men had pain that they hid, sometimes in abuse, alcoholism, and other ways. They all died early, leaving their children and their wives with scars that still aren’t healed, leaving much too soon, often misunderstood, but always always honored. Being a child, sometimes you ask (cause you can’t really understand), “Why is Daddy gone and why doesn’t he come back the same?”

How can we beat swords into plowshares?

So what’s this war for? That’s the question. What is it really accomplishing and who really pays? So my thoughts about war are–takes a lot of people, a lot of lives, touches a lot of people, uses a lot of money and resources that we could do a lot of other things with. And it takes more than a lifetime to rebuild. Not just a country, but a family. We’ve seen the damages and I shudder to think of this next generation not just post-9/11, but post-Afghanistan, post-all the wars that are going on all over the world that we don’t even talk about. So we’ve gotta make a change.

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